Monday, July 1, 2013

4th of July Parade

Audrey's school had their annual 4th of July Parade again this year.  I wasn't able to make it last year (because I had Summer School) but this year they had it on the Friday before the 4th so more parents could make it.

I was so excited to go.  My bathroom is undergoing major reconstruction at the moment, so we had to head over to Grammy's to shower before the parade.  Here's what I found while I was getting ready:

We were so surprised to see Auds and her BFF Madi leading the parade.  They were so excited!

Sweet Friends

2 out of 3 looking at the camera.

Happy Fourth!


N said...

she is too precious!!! And I know she is the best soccer player ever!!

Gerri said...

Happy 4th of July. I love you very much!!!!!