Monday, July 22, 2013

Disney World Part 1

We are back from Disney World! I knew it would be a fun trip, but I didn't expect it to be this perfect.  It sounds cheesy I know, but Disney World is magical.  I am just so thankful for my mom for taking us on this trip.  Here are just a few photos from our first day:

Arriving at the Art of Animation Resort.  It was the PERFECT hotel for us.  It was The Little Mermaid and Cars themed, and Audrey just loved it.  Checking in . . .

Our room.  Audrey and I had our own room which connected to my mom and Eric's room.

I knew Audrey was excited about meeting the Princesses, but I didn't expect for her to be so excited about the rides.  She absolutely loved them and kept asking to go on them again.

Riding Dumbo with Eric . .

Waiting in line to meet Ariel . .

Meeting Ariel!  Audrey was over the moon to meet her and have her sign her Autograph book.  :)

This was one of my favorite rides, Ariel's Under The Sea Adventure.  It was a ride that took us through a shortened version of The Little Mermaid.  Audrey insisted on sitting next to Eric, so while I didn't get to experience the ride with her, I did get some great pictures!

And this was only day one!  More pictures to come . . .


Gerri said...

Disneyworld really is the happiest place on earth! Experiencing this with Audrey and her excitement will remain with me forever. Besides Audrey loving everything Disney, she loved experiencing this with her beloved Uncle Eric! I love you Audrey, my special princess.

garyn said...

Audrey's excitement shows in her face. Disney is a special place and the hotel looks really neat.
I enjoyed her continued enjoyment of all things Disney at dinner the other evening. Great memories for her.

Katie said...

Looks like you had a wonderful trip with lasting memories. Looking forward to more pics!