Sunday, July 14, 2013

These Princesses . . .

are off to meet the real ones tomorrow!  I cannot believe that our trip to Disney World is here.  Audrey can barely contain herself, and to be honest, neither can I!  By this time tomorrow Audrey will be meeting her beloved Disney Princesses.

Hopefully it will go better than when my Dad's Country Club had a fun Princess lunch.  Audrey was so excited, but when she got there she was too shy to even pose with Cinderella and Snow White!  But she did whisper to me, "Mommy, those aren't the real princesses."  ;)  I guess she knew.  But here's Grandpa posing with the princesses.

We'll be back in a week!  :))

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Gerri said...

I am so excited to see Audrey and her reaction to everything! This will be an awesome trip. I agree~~~I think Audrey will have a better reaction when she meets the 'real princesses'!