Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Disney Part 2

I forgot to mention in my last post about the RAIN.  We were really lucky with the cooler temperatures, but it did rain off and on each day we were there.  We got soaked each day and it was just so funny to see everyone running around Disney World in their ponchos, pushing their strollers, trying to find cover.  We spent a few times hiding out, looking at this:

That picture was from our second day there, where it actually stormed pretty badly, but more on that later . . .

Here are a few more pictures from Day 1.  We rode "It's A Small World" and it was just like I remembered it.  

Then we walked through the beautiful lanterns in the Town Square from Tangled.  Audrey and I love this movie and they were playing all of the songs from it in the square.  I honestly could have sat there all night!

We started off Day 2 dressed in our Princess best, ready for lunch at Cinderella's Castle with all of the princesses.  

We had some time before lunch, so we rode Aladdin's Magic Carpet ride.  Again, Audrey had to ride with Uncle Eric. :)  This was a fun ride that gave you a good view of Adventureland.

Then it was time for our Princess lunch!  First we met our host.

Then we went into the dining area.  I was really impressed with how nice it was!  It was a fancy room with windows overlooking the park.  We sat down (after, I'll be honest a short meltdown from Auds who I think was overwhelmed from it all) and ordered our lunch.  They had really good food for the adults and kiddos, although I don't think Audrey ate 2 bites.  And who could blame her with all of her idols walking around?

They gave each kid the cutest little cupcake making set.  Audrey loved it!

The wishing star.  I cannot even put into words how precious this was.  They gave each kid a little blue wishing star to keep.  Then they had a ceremony where we had to close our eyes, say a little chant, and "bless" their wishing stars.  They flickered the lights and proclaimed that each wishing star was now magical!  Oh my goodness was Audrey mesmerized by this.  She literally held on to that wishing star for the rest of our trip.  It went on all of the rides with her.  It is now in a special place at home for whenever she wants to "Wish Upon A Star."  Magical.

After we left the lunch, we had big plans.  Eric and I were going to ride Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain, and Grammy and Audrey were going to ride some rides together.  That's when the sky opened up and the thunder started and they shut down all of the rides.  This was after Eric and I had already waiting 45 minutes on the Thunder Mountain ride.  We decided to wait a little longer.  And longer.  But after checking the radar on our phones, we saw that the storms were going to keep coming.  So we walked in some shops on Main Street and and had some snacks.  We had planned on staying to see the fireworks that night, but decided to just head back to the room.  The weather was pretty bad and we were a little worn out.

We decided to order a pizza and just be silly!

Even though the day didn't go as planned, we still had so much fun.  And Audrey did sleep with her wishing star.  :)


Gerri said...

Words can not describe what a wonderful trip this was-even with the rain. On Tuesday Audrey and I spent lots of time undercover by Dumbo with many other kids and she still had lots of fun! The absolutely best and most memorial part of the trip was lunch at the Castle. I loved watching Audrey's pure excitement!!

Hilary said...

Ohhh the wishing star! So precious, I feel like I was there seeing the pics. Devyn is catching up on the blog with me, now she wants a cupcake! :)

N said...

Love the dancing girl. :)