Friday, November 4, 2011

Being a Parent is Hard

So what are your struggles . . . ??

Audrey is a pretty easy going kid . . .I won't be that mom who goes into all the things she's great at. ;) But every kid has to have one or two problem areas, right?

Well Audrey's is getting dressed in the morning. My goodness gracious. It's hit or miss with her. Most days she's fine and then BOOOM she's just blows up and refuses to get dressed. It goes something like this:
1. Audrey baby, it's time to get up.
2. Ok, 5 more minutes while Mommy gets dressed.
3. Then I draaaaag her out of bed (and her clothes are all laid out from the night before) and her favorite phrase is I DO IT! So you're going to put your big your big girl panties on by yourself? Go for it girlfriend. After 10 minutes of trying, she finally asks for help, and I do it. Then pitches a fit over what was picked out to wear the night before. Um no, you picked this out, you are wearing it.
4. Which results in time out at 6:45 in the morning. So sad. Then she finally gets dressed.
5. Hair. I don't WANNA do my hair. she yells. Too bad. So I struggle to get her hair looking somewhat decent.
6. AND THEN it's the socks. Good Lord the socks. She must put them on herself or the world will end. Add 10 more minutes. Luckily she lets me put her shoes on for her.
7. We're ready to head downstairs for vitamins and to grab her breakfast (prepacked) and get out the door. The funny part it she wants to open the vitamin can herself. Um, honey, it's BABYPROOF. Good luck. So we get through that and then we are finally out the door.

I can then turn on Kidd Kraddick and all is right with the world.

So tell me, what is your child's defiant issue? And please respond, my child can't be the only one! ;)


Gerri said...

Goodness no, you are not the only one with defiant children. It goes with the territory! I am a little girl who was extremely fussy about what she wore to school everyday:-) In the long run, it is good for kids to show their independence!

love you~~~

Hilary said...

Smart kids test boundaries. It's the price we pay for having baby geniuses. ;). Cade switches it up. I'm not sure he has a consistent thing he tests me on. But when he does it comes with a hard knee slap with both hands, followed by a dragon hiss. It's so rude but so funny but seriously--- so rude to be dragon-ed. My biggest issue is when he says yes then means no and changes his mind and doesn't know what he wants. Drives me in-sane.

Gerri said...

I meant~~I know a little girl that was extremely fussy~~~~~~~

The Gustafsons said...

Nora has been strong-willed since birth, so I'm quite familiar with the struggles. I think my hardest time with her is being out in public and she refuses to come with us or stay where she is supposed to. It's really hard to wrangle the 2 girls at once when Nora is running away from me. I feel so powerless! Also, bedtime has been tough since she gave up the nuk on her own. And in general, getting her to listen the 1st time rather than having to cajole her for 10 minutes to do what I ask. You're not alone!