Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

I LOVE Christmas and this year is already turning out to be the best one yet. Audrey is really getting into the Christmas spirit too, and she was so excited to get a Christmas tree!

It was so much fun to pick out a tree with her this year. She really had an opinion and James and I went with the tree she liked the most. The funniest part was how shocked she was when we told her the tree had to go on top of the car to get home. Audrey just couldn't compute that little fact in her brain. It was hilarious to sit with her in the car as James got the tree on the roof. "But, the tree is up there Mommy??" she kept asking me.
"Now the tree at home!"

I have to add this picture, because it was the only one taken of me all day! I promise I did more work than just play with Auds. ;)

Watching in amazement as the lights went up . . .

Picking out just the right ormament . . .

She kept hanging the ornaments and saying "That's perfect!"
The tree really did turn out just perfect!

James hanging more decorations . . .

And then Audrey had to call Sara and tell her all about how her house was now decorated for Christmas! "Hello Sara, I have a tree. Do you a tree?"

Now let's hope she stays off the naughty list and gets all the toys that she wants! :)

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Gerri said...

It is going to be an exciting Christmas season this year! Audrey is into everything!! Your house looks great.