Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I won't be with Audrey this Thanksgiving, she gets to go to Houston to visit her Nana and Papa with James, but I wanted to wish all of my bloggie friends an early Happy Thanksgiving. I get to go to Tulsa with my mom to visit my brother, so everyone will be busy in our family! :) We're lucky to have so many. But I wanted to wish everyone a holiday filled with thanksgiving, family (whoever they may be), and love.

Here are some pictures of Audrey already doing that at her Thanksgiving feast at school. Before we could eat, they all had to say a prayer in thanksgiving for all of their blessings. It was too cute. You can't see it, but Audrey has her hands together in prayer.And of course, celebrating with her school family, especially Sara.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Gerri said...

How adorable. I do believe Audrey and Sara are best buds!