Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It Really Does Take A Village. . .

to take care of a kiddo when you are a sick, single momma!

I started feeling sick on Sunday, but tried to blow it off because as a mom, you can't just use up your sick days. But finally yesterday it got the best of me. I had could barely breathe, had a horrible sore throat, and was coughing so bad that I literally was scaring my kiddos. I still tried to stick it out.

But my truly wonderful team insisted that I leave at midday to go to the doctor and take the next day off, even though I could not find a sub. Now if you're not a teacher, you don't know what a big sacrifice this is. When my class doesn't have a sub, they have to be added to other classrooms. Imagine already over crowded classrooms adding 5 kiddos to the mix. It really is a true sacrifice.

So I left, went to the doctor, knowing my kids were in good hands and not worrying that anyone was holding a grudge about it. Trust me, this does NOT happen on most teams.

As I was driving to the doctor, I called my mom at work, and before I could even get the words out, she said she would pick up Audrey from daycare and take care of her until I got home.

Soooooo . . . . .I get to the doctor and am so sick and coughing that yes, I start throwing up. Long story short I got shots and many prescriptions. Now here comes the dilemna. The one main prescription that I had to take was pretty much a straight up drug full of codine made to make you stop coughing and pass out. Well, for a single mom that is just not an option! So what to do.

I got home, and the shots were already making me feel better and the coughing was decreasing. My mom had to leave to meet some friends for dinner, but offered to come back and SLEEP ON THE COUCH so I could take my medicine and sleep and not worry about Audrey waking up. Wow. I told her I would let her know. Right after she leaves, my neighbor calls (her daughter is in my class) and told me she knew I was sick and asked if she could watch Audrey for a little while so I could rest! I told her James was coming at 6:30 and I would love if she could watch Audrey for a few hours. AND SHE DID!

Then James called and when I explained the situation, he also offered to sleep on the couch so I could take my meds and he would take care of Auds, bathe her, and put her to bed, as well as listen for her through the night. So I took him up on his offer and her said he could be here by 7 so he could pack a bag.

So I picked up Auds from the best neighbors ever and all I could bring myself to make her for dinner was a pb&j sandwich and let her watch Diego while I laid on the couch.

The minute James got there at 7 I went to bed and slept until about 7. Wow ! What a difference a 12 hour night of uninterrupted night of sleep does for you. James then took Auds to school and I slept the day away.

So to sum up, I truly coudn't be sitting up, not coughing up a lung, without all of these wonderful people in my life willing to help out whenever needed. Thank you! I can't wait to repay these favors. Thank you.


Jenn 'Lavoie' Cahill said...

Oh wow, I hope you feel better soon. I'm so happy that you have great people in your life. <3

Gerri said...

That is what family and friends are all about. You and James are the best parents Audrey could have!! ~~~and I see Audrey had grapes, so that is a very good dinner:-)