Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mr. Guiny's Visit for the Weekend

We had a visitor to our house this weekend, a guinea pig named Mr. Guinea! He is my class pet in my classrooom, and I knew that Auds would just love if I brought him home for her to see. He is the cutest!

She took to him right away, lifting off his little nap area so he could come out and play . . . . "Come out and play Mr. Guinea . . ." she kept saying.

She just wanted to play with him so bad, it was the cutest thing ever! But when I took him out of the cage to hold, she was a little shy and wasn't quite ready to hold him yet.

She was also quite enthralled with his eating habits. When she got up and had breakfast she stomped over to his cage and said 'Drink your water Mr. Guiny, eat your food!! It's time!!"

Come on now, Audrey says so! (She must feel my pain now when I want her to eat! ;) )

She had a blast with him and has has me rethinking my no pet decision . . . . hmmmmm. . . . .what's the easiest pet to get . . .???

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Gerri said...

Audrey seems completely into it!! She is a BIG helper.